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On Heartbreak Hill this afternoon, with gulls and rooks and red kites, a stonechat perched on a thorn bush, its red… https://t.co/vtYcG0Nc6e
Exactly right: how to negotiate within the EU to advance British interests and steer the EU in the right direction,… https://t.co/GjJzm6znUk
It is true that bird picture-sharing would be preferable... https://t.co/DIkLEhGUhj
One nagging question from Lords EU c’ttee discussion today with Prof Manning, Chair of the recent Migration Advisor… https://t.co/wEAD78HoFG
Chaired an excellent panel discussion yesterday at KCL with Dr Sophie Lessouarn of Amiens University on French atti… https://t.co/g1yL7Fnh6s
One conclusion I draw from a meeting today with Martina Anderson, Sinn Fein MEP for the Six Counties/ Northern Irel… https://t.co/6oJc90SXgh
As we walked to the village hall this evening two herons, wings outstretched, glided silently just above us and dis… https://t.co/UyXzEIGx0C
On Malham Tarn today the dragonflies hovered, the dabchicks played on the sun-shimmered surface of the water - whil… https://t.co/dAueWPCRw8
The night time temperature hovers around zero in the foothills of the Chilterns. The last swallows and house martin… https://t.co/pEn01ev5Wf
So many leavers seem to live in a fantasy world where the only borders are tides and cliffs, and ignore the reality… https://t.co/Tuci3I72QV
But we would be in a stronger position now if, as many of us argued at the time, we had made this generous commitme… https://t.co/uhEx1Scrly
RT @BorderIrish: I don’t know how I can compete with this comedy genius. Canada! Geese! Canada Geese!! https://t.co/N6O2jsYSAZ
You do, alas, exist....but at a serious discussion today I referred to the Irish border as the most intractable of… https://t.co/OYguAkplom
As the rain cleared to the east, two buzzards soared and swirled in the wind, one as pale as an osprey against the… https://t.co/p3Wau9b734
For those who - like me - have spent 20 years and more of our lives believing in and helping to build the single ma… https://t.co/RLEo71fBMx
Beyond the village cricket field ( Ewelme won today ) the cows munch peacefully on the common in the evening sun. A… https://t.co/apAUuF2AH2
RT @CER_Grant: This excellent op-ed by @NgaireWoods should be read by all thinking Leavers. She explains clearly why a post-Brexit Britain…
The skies above Ewelme were full of gulls, far from the sea....and above them two red kites wheeling. And last nigh… https://t.co/ek21sXDM9w
Above the surface of the village pond this evening, and above the mallards and moorhens, the blue flash of a kingfisher...