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RT @peoplesvote_uk: WATCH: Shami Chakrabarti is absolutely right - a #PeoplesVote can break the deadlock in Parliament over Brexit. #MarrSh
RT @fbunational: We've said this time and time again. The risk of another #Grenfell goes far beyond ACM cladding. https://t.co/8RpZAA7sTy
RT @peoplesvote_uk: "We will have to have a referendum because its only the people who can now break that gridlock" WATCH: @JustineGreenin
BBC News - Cladding tests 'almost certain to fail', experts say https://t.co/LoLxyVlK5t
RT @labour_history: Harold Wilson on the Labour Party following the disastrous 1983 election: “We were the natural party of Government. N…
RT @annaturley: Never again can Labour find itself on the wrong side of a historic choice. 👏👏@Tom_watsonhttps://t.co/dKwVpAldyo
Edinburgh bus wars ‘not sustainable’ in long term as new tour service planned https://t.co/6BMqqqMhax
BBC News - LNER objects to York station redevelopment https://t.co/rOMoZIG11S
EU citizens denied vote in European elections to sue UK government https://t.co/lIhKSRRmVu
Great @BSABuildingSocs Conference on Thursday and Friday this week. Delighted to have been able to join some of the… https://t.co/sUipZL8p32
RT @MattChorley: EXCLUSIVE: Barbara Winton, daughter of Sir Nicholas Winton, criticises Theresa May for not matching words with actions on…
RT @BaronsProject: Last night our Volunteer Chef was awarded a Girdlers’ Company Medallion. In recognition for cooking over 50,000 homemade…
Calls for Europe to review border controls after listed Russian visits 70 times https://t.co/6t4PCFj8oj
Timmermans' Labor wins Dutch EU election: exit poll https://t.co/GlKPpqI6Xc
Tourists turn their backs on Britain due to Brexit https://t.co/7IktMRznQs via @MailOnline
RT @NCPoliticsUK: #EP2019 UK Turnout thread: we now have figures from around 150 councils, on average showing an increase of just over 2 po…