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RT @CityGuildsGroup: @LordJimKnight Hi, we’re delighted to share with you our research, Sense & Instability 2019, in which we call on the G…
Great question Eric! Not sure anyone really knows! https://t.co/f5gNJELLe7
Great question Eric! Not sure anyone really knows https://t.co/H9hRSwNZh9
“Why Story? Why Now?” by Wolf&Player - great stuff from ⁦@NarativLondon⁩ - stories are so powerful and now more tha… https://t.co/vU2Dyg9Tcu
A 140 Year Old School Partnered With a 10 Year Old School. Here’s What Happened. https://t.co/f6CrrPUMAY #edtech via @EdSurge
RT @HollyBranson: What do you envision for the future of education? Leave a comment below! https://t.co/fqimpjczN4 @EstherWojcicki @bigcha
RT @HollyBranson: “I saw a system that didn’t work and a system I didn’t trust so I challenged the whole system.” Amazing to hear @Esther
RT @ChrisAshworthNT: Great meeting up with @LordJimKnight and @Thewhole9years this morning to talk through the vital progress and thinking…
Spoke last night about football governance and Arsenal’s ownership in particular https://t.co/uweixLozK7 Thanks to ⁦@timpayton⁩ #arsenal
Young people could turn the Brexit tide | Will Higham https://t.co/lKZSj3MpaM
“5 Pitfalls to Scale in Education” by @rec54 - wonderful insights from Richard Culatta on scaling innovation in edu… https://t.co/3Ufi9xazvi
Most UK teachers think school doesn't prepare kids for real life — Quartz https://t.co/64MEhMmMTk
Great report from @bigchange and @innovation_unit with important lessons on how education change works at scale https://t.co/QPriW4CYKG
RT @bigchange_: The time is now for #ReimaginingEducation Together. Read #BigChange's new report in partnership with : The why, what and ho…
RT @bigchange_: Honoured to host @EstherWojcicki this morning at @ConduitClub talking to @LordJimKnight about her new book #HowToRasiseSucc
I am pleased to share what we are trying to do on this frustrating area https://t.co/UbMzc4pgAI
I spoke in the Lords yesterday on online harm and the attack on our democracy via Facebook - with thanks to… https://t.co/awtM6WeAHE