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Teachers Need Other Teachers to Succeed - The Atlantic - happy my work @tes plays a part in teacher networking https://t.co/lqpAINNTAu
NY Times | Smarter Living: How to Help Your Child Succeed at School https://t.co/kepTi80Idt
Tactical voting by Remain supporters could defeat 60 Tories and end Boris Johnson’s reign at snap election, poll in… https://t.co/cFTkVuI3L8
Grow your own teachers! – Day in, day out. Day in, day out. https://t.co/C1RVFZDktu
RT @ST3AMCo: “EVIDENCE IS VALUABLE BUT... My concern is that evidence is based on what you measure... And that’s often something that’s…
RT @jonathansimons: Is there any better place to be than sunny Bournemouth at 8am to talk about Lib Dems and education policy? (Another rou…
RT @Ed_Dorrell: At #LibDemConference? Interested in schools policy? Then why not come to the @tes breakfast roundtable at 8am in the Shafte…
Facebook removes altered Conservative advertisement - excellent news. This is an important marker during this elec… https://t.co/JIRjqlcCqw
Conservative Party Facebook advert altered BBC headline - glad to see this picked up - what will ⁦⁦@fbnewsroom⁩ say… https://t.co/VIQtrTiT8F
RT @seanjcoughlan: @BryanPlumb @LordJimKnight @Conservatives @facebook Thanks,that would be kind. Not even had an apology from either @face
This is an outrageous piece of Cummingsery. Will the BBC complain to @Conservatives or @facebook? Or is too scarily… https://t.co/fKRaTVLWIA
RT @UniEducator: #BERA2019 @beng_see shares data on teacher shortages in less affluent areas-more unqualified teachers in coastal rural are…
RT @tnewtondunn: Excl: Nigel Farage has told Boris Johnson his price for an election deal - a free run for the Brexit Party in 80-90 seats…
RT @simonkidwell: Today the Prime Minister said he is working hard to get a deal. On the same day the Treasury is promoting a campaign f…
Thanks Mike - & word of the day “panopticon” https://t.co/BkshOVFRxq
RT @JMPSimor: @YvetteCooperMP is setting up her committee outside Parliament. Can @DamianCollins please do the same? https://t.co/9L5VsxogAH
If Parliament were sitting today Inwould have been at the Select Committee on Digital Technology and Democracy. We… https://t.co/9z9FbqBQ4m