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New Evidence Emerges of Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica’s Role in Brexit https://t.co/eY3U8afB3l
Spot on Ken. Such awful politicians all of them. https://t.co/NSPhlRE9ih
Great reviews coming in for our friend Josie Rourke’s first feature movie Mary Queen of Scots. I saw it 2 weeks ago… https://t.co/gimFHc0XUi
The man who has been negotiating Brexit has resigned. What does that make him?
Can anybody stop this obscene HS2? Costs out of control. It’s obsolete before it‘a been built. They say £55 billio… https://t.co/NDzucbTI7O
RT @ChukaUmunna: Er...you negotiated it, you promised the earth as part of Vote Leave and now you walk off and leave others to clear up the…
Labour should be all over this. The LibDems too. They are sucking the value out of OUR patient records https://t.co/tHBbRqjFkh
DeepMind promised it would ‘never connect people’s health records with its parent Google’. But this is what they ha… https://t.co/rXaQGwgqZA
Sadiq your city is jammed solid. Road works, street closures, complete chaos. Traffic not moving. I know it’s raining but it’s a shambles.
Privileged to be at Westminster Abbey to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Kristalnacht. The night in 1938 when N… https://t.co/O7lGbmpdxu
Arron Banks - our answer to Trump
Muslims, Christians Join Jews to Mourn Pittsburgh Shooting Victims and Resist Trump https://t.co/1wiBEkIpzs
Viola Davis certain for Oscar in Steve McQueen movie Widows. Fantastic cinema experience.
Bravexand principled decision. Pity other politicians aren’t so bold. https://t.co/XJixs26n4e
Trump signed executive order stripping children of immigrant mothers of US citizenship. Hey Donald wasn’t your moth… https://t.co/wBj6WLOkJK
U.S. Muslims Raise $190,000 for Burial of Jewish Pittsburgh Victims https://t.co/0IH9kwt3iV
Islamic Center of Pittsburgh head tells Jewish families: If it’s guarding the synagogue, if it’s walking to the gro… https://t.co/vDXVw1oDoa