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1,000 years of nationhood. 66 million people. And our leading politicians are May and Corbyn. Don’t we deserve much better?
Jeremy Corbyn walked out of a meeting with PM because Chuka was there. What a small minded jerk.
RT @woodgnomology: Andrew Neil: "Kate Hoey, can you name any reputable independent study that show us better off if we leave?" Kate Hoey:…
RT @Siobhain_MP: Sometimes politics can be messy but I always think it’s better to try and be straightforward. I support a #PeoplesVote and…
RT @heidiallen75: .@TheIndGroup are the only ones to show decisive leadership on the biggest issue we face as a country. We are offering a…
For the first time in 4 yrs I watched the West Wing. With admiration I see President Bartlet. Yet today we have the… https://t.co/LlLkQHxEK1
I watch Marr and many other political programmes. I say to myself, we are a nation that’s 1,000 years old. We’ve se… https://t.co/5Gi4A8ajB6
When people extol socialism they should also give examples of countries where it has succeeded. I can give you many… https://t.co/ptAKJwirxk
RT @marchaynes: A very smartly dressed professional woman in Lincoln's Inn Fields was walking towards me today, carrying a mobile phone in…
I bought some razor blades at Boots. The lady at the cash desk looked at me and asked me if I was over 18. I answer… https://t.co/yoHc4RDof3
The Labour Party could well be under investigation by Equality and Human Rights Commission for a/s in the Party. Ho… https://t.co/lOJSQb1oaG
Powerful piece in the Spectator (not me usual read). They ask the question what is Charlie doing? https://t.co/pwaykHISZJ
It’s true I have kept somewhat shtum about Spurs recent form, but I’m back to my usual swagger. We’ve been up again… https://t.co/3WgL1O4ssX
I was at a dinner with John Hickenlooper in summer 2017. Interesting guy with a sunny disposition. Keep an eye on… https://t.co/scWybDlkxA
Nobody expects 100% success for Labour to eliminate antisemitism from its ranks. But we do expect 100% effort. And… https://t.co/tKUFTZTBPU
Charlie Falconer (for whom I have always had the highest respect) says that he wants Corbyn to be Prime Minister an… https://t.co/6ltBLlqKbk
British Airways flight from Boston to LHR cancelled. Total Mayhem.
Hizbollah is now banned in the UK. About time. Your comments please Mr Corbyn.
@GlenysThornton Those who have left achieved more in two weeks than the combined efforts of all the supposed intern… https://t.co/7sxtEsKTcF