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I learnt last night that Facebook/Google has 7,000 data points on each one of us. That number is growing exponentia… https://t.co/762ypDFU6g
Everybody is asking me why isn’t my name amongst those who signed the letter to Corbyn? Answer: I left the Labour… https://t.co/r4Liiq93jN
Interesting to see which Labour Lords signed the letter to Corbyn. Even more interesting to see those who didn’t.
I sat on House of Lords select committee that pushed hard to get cheap mobile roaming. https://t.co/s65W5FFZ2q
RT @SCNathan: @brexit_politics Mobile roaming at the same rate across Europe as in the UK.
Unmissable new film/documentary. The Great Hack. Released on 24th July. Netflix. About how Big Tech especially Face… https://t.co/rWuS3Os010
Four of Trump’s children have mothers who were born in Eastern Europe. Would he tell them to go home?
For a lark I went to a website to find out when it is estimated I will die. The answer was 2015. Cheered me up no end
France has taken the lead in taxing Big Tech based on revenues and not profit. Brilliant decision.
Got a spare 5 minutes and want a great start to Friday. Search for an Australian newspaper and locate ‘sport’. Buri… https://t.co/B6UrpQ3S5O
Who gains most from the US embassy hack? I would suggest a little fellow who lives in Moscow but prefers St Petersburg.
Am I alone in thinking Farage stands a reasonable chance of becoming our next man in DC? Trump loves him. Nigel wou… https://t.co/paRo40MRsc
Good for Macron. It is right that Big Tech pays its fair share of corporation tax. It is wrong that these companies… https://t.co/bc1os5904Q
Had the Panorama programme featured the usual political suspects it would have been just another attack on Corbyn.… https://t.co/v9h6wcUwSj
RT @paulwrblanchard: She was promised a peerage if she went easy on Corbyn. And despite saying he would never give anyone a peerage, he the…
I was given an Alexa device as a present, but I disconnected it. Despite the reassurances from Amazon I just don’t… https://t.co/Y6L68J8axU
Lords David Triesman and Leslie Turnberg are both good friends of mine and I know how they have wrestled with their… https://t.co/ohlY1QwVDt