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Our choice for PM could soon be either Boris, or Farage, or Corbyn. Have a great weekend
I have just experienced the coldest temperature in May in my lifetime. 6C. And I am in central Italy.
An almost total ban on abortion in Alabama is totally regressive, but hang on - isn’t that what we have in Northern Ireland?
It’s mid May. It’s mid Italy. And it’s bloody freezing. Central heating on. Warm clothes. What’s happening?
I have a 6 year old grandson. Of course a raving Spurs supporter. He thinks every season is just like this one. How… https://t.co/I5vT38d8wH
3/3 So whatever happens in Madrid it has been a season to savour. No more talk of being Spursy; no narky comments a… https://t.co/bg4YYzxiJy
2/3 If they’d told me that in their progress to Madrid Spurs would have drawn away to Barcelona; beaten Inter Milan… https://t.co/0UOruW6MkF
1/3. If someone had offered me Spurs ending up 4th in the Premier League; a new stadium being opened to world accla… https://t.co/PE6gOSk3rA
Nick Clegg ex-leader of the LibDems in his new role at FaceBook. What do we think? https://t.co/52tcLC3SVq
4 English teams in the two European finals. That’s great news. But all four teams have foreign managers. It tells you a lot.
At LHR on Alitalia flight to Rome. Two illegal Iraqi immigrants on board screaming and sobbing. Under border police… https://t.co/M1vhr1C2i8
Well they ain’t so Spursy any more.
Since 1st May the UK has not burnt any coal. That is some achievement and something we should all celebrate
Can’t say that I am ecstatic about Spurs creeping into next season’ Champion’s League. Doesn’t feel like victory. O… https://t.co/A0qUkPIyaZ
Talk about scary. Today I become closer to 80 than I am to 70.
It’s not home and dry but it would take a miracle. Thank you Arsenal. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Could the local elections have been any better? Tories hammered. Labour smashed. UKIP annihilated. LibDems in heav… https://t.co/DLYmrlWVsx