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Israeli Arabs hold the balance. Great article. https://t.co/ZjXetUI7yF
Every time I think Corbyn can’t get any worse - he does.
Taking to a doctor relative here in Copenhagen who tells me that food intolerances barely exist in Denmark. So why… https://t.co/xAHlZTko1E
If Israel is an apartheid state then how come the (Arab) Joint List party came third in this week’s general electio… https://t.co/EuO6VaT45N
9,000 homeless people in London. Terrible I know. Now compare with New York 61,000 and LA 81,000
£7bn has already been invested in HS2. From a lifetime in business let me give a few words of advice. ‘The first lo… https://t.co/fJZBUmO7Hm
HS2. Heading for £100bn. Completion 2040 (on a good day). Passenger growth now close to zero. Plus porous salt-mine… https://t.co/N96WAqrGtN
Jeremy Corbyn is today Tuesday or Wednesday? We demand to know your opinion.
Brexit is the most important decision facing our country since 1945 and the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition does… https://t.co/Xt5jl3IBfk
Lord David Pannick QC. Proud to say he’s my friend.
@StewartWood I’m a big David Pannick fan. Lord Keene is old school - entitled. Don’t like him.
Knife crime frightening. Cross rail delayed again and again. Housing being built at snail’s pace. Sadiq - get a grip.
Spurs Ladies 1. Liverpool 0. Half time score. A nation holds its breathe
What joy to see a Spitfire and Hurricane flying over Central London having left the Oval.
Who believes HS2 will cost £88 billion? Who believes London to Birmingham will ne built in 2031? Not a chance. Kill it.
I’ve met Jo Swinson a couple of times but had no fixed views on her. But she’s now looking very impressive as LibDem leader.
Sadiq Khan on the Marr show. A studied example of political evasiveness.
Ignore the bluster. What Farage really wants is to be UK ambassador in Washington. If we leave the EU with our with… https://t.co/JvAQUOZ7Ho
Johnson suffers massive defeat as Bill passes.
New York Times editorial this morning. Spot on ‘Not a Good Start, Boris’ https://t.co/rRA1rGpIp0