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I know I’m old and doddery, but didn’t Donald Trump promise that the wall would be paid for by........Mexico?
The battle in America. In the red corner President Donald J Trump and in the blue corner Congresswoman Alexandria O… https://t.co/pIcBYmXXMo
Gatwick Exoress cancelled for 10 days. What third world country are we Mr Grayling?
On Christmas Day my wife and I helped prepare dinner for 100 homeless people at St James’ church Piccadilly. I wasn… https://t.co/X3xVpC1Eij
Donald Trump can survive anything except the stock market cratering. Pensions and investments hit by up to 20%. Th… https://t.co/pINm0ijQAI
In the length and breadth of our country is there anybody who believes that Corbyn would negotiate a better Brexit… https://t.co/5NkS93Inhg
...and whose technology mostly saved the day at Gatwick? Israel’s of course. Hope no Cobynistas or BDS types were… https://t.co/j8ytvCKUwX
Sorry Sadiq but the responsibility for the Crossrail and Northern Line Extension both reside on your desk. You’ve b… https://t.co/NYHVsuDlj7
Why should drone operators be in a field in Sussex when they could just as easily be in Moscow or Shanghai?
Winning at The Emirates- very sweet.
ManU are going to be sniffing around Pochetino. Well they ain’t going to get him. Who’d join a once legendary club… https://t.co/KCaIfrS9Py
They say HS2 is going to cost £56bn. Who believes it? Who believes it will come even close? It will become the ult… https://t.co/8bizAcQwnT
So the question is did Boris waste his money getting a smart haircut and did he suffer unduly in losing weight? It’… https://t.co/6vzHPI3Uu0
Sod Brexit. Come on you Spurs.
Is there anyone in this world who believes that Corbyn could negotiate a better deal than May?
First sightings from Mars landing camera supplied by Italian Space Agency. https://t.co/6ep0VGYg1y
RT @ChukaUmunna: They said we would be richer as a result of #Brexit. Today the Government confirms we’ll be poorer under every scenario ou…
How do we pay for the £39 billion bill for Brexit? Cancel HS2. Build HS3 (northern cities high speed rail connecti… https://t.co/8cnSsHIeUX