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29 Nobel winning scientist plead with TM to preserve funding post-Brexit and 50% of scientists at leading Crick Ins… https://t.co/MRS3xS5OpE
⁦@RSylvesterTimes⁩ nails it again. Brexiteers scared of people’s vote. They know they couldn’t defend the lies whic… https://t.co/0DLCKosVru
JLR mothballing production & sending workers home & #failingGrayling plans for no-deal #Brexit lorry park on M26 sh… https://t.co/AdxmcJq9SK
RT @lewiscoughlan: The knitted Poppies appearing all over Ripon today looked stunning. #ADayOut #Remembrance https://t.co/CNggbcUjV5
Lab front bench absence from #PeoplesVote march shows them as out of touch with their own voters and public opinion… https://t.co/VHlsWCxPNX
Bobby McDonagh - a very fine public servant - is right. https://t.co/Gv9TIdvrKD
“Little appetite” for people’s vote outside London says ⁦@thesundaytimes⁩. Patronising and an insult to the hundre… https://t.co/Anvgwtnicx
But why does he say that a people’s vote offers an opening for extremism.? What scrap of evidence is there for that? https://t.co/D5KbmBypt9
RT @NYorksEurope: On our way from Harrogate/ Ripon. Just had uplifting address from Lord Newby @RichardNewby3 We CAN win this!#PeoplesVoteM
Sadly for you though they’re changing their minds -in droves! https://t.co/oxYuvxWuhh
V lucky to get into Parliament Square to hear terrific speeches at #peoplesvotemarch https://t.co/MEq9karAgJ
This isn’t a match - there are too many people to move! Will we even get beyond Park Lane #PeoplesVoteMarch https://t.co/Kf0f0I3L2h
RT @solamiga: Maggie Thatcher: "I envisage closer and closer co-operation between the nations in the community; not only on the economic ma…
Getting ready for an early start on bus from Ripon organised by @NYorksEurope. Looking forward to seeing old friend… https://t.co/eUICXDFRx7
So, with a bit of luck, we’ll get the same deal as if we were still in the EU. Makes leaving worthwhile then. https://t.co/Iz4S7udtD6
RT @peoplesvote_uk: MARCH WITH US That's the message the @EveningStandard are putting out on their front page today - make sure you pick u…