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RT @JohnSimpsonNews: Candidates head for Conservative headquarters to register their leadership nominations. https://t.co/GvHGOneVBg
Whist Tories squabble over their leader, the country continues to decline #BritishSteel. Yesterday’s vote will prov… https://t.co/xrGyTQzJVB
The only thing the Tories have been good at is regicide. A new leader won't unite the party on #Europe. It has dest… https://t.co/55Yh65WUvo
Our fightback continues. Polls show big swing to @LibDems as voters sick of duplicity, double-dealing and deceit fr… https://t.co/kfaPs8ztUR
RT @Hackney__Darren: #ThrowbackThursday for everyone voting in the #EUelections2019 today. The @LibDems 🔶 have been fighting for Britain’s…
On the day EU polls open Tories plot to dump leader, Labour scheme to avoid offering #peoplesvote. Never has it be… https://t.co/jcqXpEDIDD
TM's new deal even less popular than previous deal. She is clutching at straws & ran out of time & dignity long ago… https://t.co/JfxMmgjPu5
RT @Haggis_UK: Matthew Parris(ex-Tory MP) - I will obviously be voting for the #LibDems at the #EUelections2019 & I recommend any Remainer…
British Steel in Scunthorpe teeters on brink of collapse because of #Brexit uncertainty. This follows jobs losses a… https://t.co/T9jBUCDuy7
RT @LibDemLords: This evening's editorial in the @EveningStandard - coming out in support of the @LibDems and why everyone should vote Lib…
It’s been an honour to fight #Brexit in the Lords with Michael Cashman, who shows conviction, passion and determina… https://t.co/Sx467IwPyj
Delighted that Lord (Gus) O’Donnell joining Tory Peers Lords Heseltine and Cooper in voting @libdems tomorrow. GOD… https://t.co/tBqpkbQWho
Corbyn & his team so fudged on #Brexit even many of his supporters see @LibDems offering only sensible option. A h… https://t.co/uvYh6lqDW4
RT @libdemvoice: Simon Callow backs Lib Dems in European elections as "only party to have offered leadership and c… https://t.co/908Z1nAl9C…
I would be delighted if Michael Heseltine asked to join our Lib Dem group in the Lords, but more important is his m… https://t.co/hrx3CDknJL
More blue on blue as Tories fight for PM role whilst country is a laughing stock due to their #Brexit crisis. No wo… https://t.co/ZgjVBvGc4V
This week's vote will see energised @LibDems giving the message to govt, Corbyn & Farage. There is no majority for… https://t.co/DXyL0In6Zu
And precisely how, Andrew, did the Coalition give us Brexit? https://t.co/6La0DQeGlc
Michael Heseltine - brave, principled and voting ⁦@LibDems⁩ Until the Tories see sense on a people’s vote, I will g… https://t.co/hUHOvTNAs2