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.@resfoundation shows UK slowdown in years since EU ref worse than after 2008 crisis. Business won't invest as Tori… https://t.co/ry0k4w58ci
House of Lords votes 272 to 169 to prevent Prorogation of Parliament to achieve no-deal Brexit by default
Today in the Lords I will put forward an amendment to NI Bill to make it more difficult for @BorisJohnson to prorog… https://t.co/1x0vBbQ6Bj
Boris’ consigliere Barclay apparently went to Brussels to talk tough to Barnier. This means no deal likely. Parliam… https://t.co/zmFZkRQ03Y
In her final hours PM sanctions £500m sweetener to get JLR to stay in UK. If she'd listened to 1m marchers & 6m pet… https://t.co/k6Vh6aLJ2f
. @UKLabour party disintegrating before our eyes racked by anti-Semitism, failure to oppose #Brexit & a weak and en… https://t.co/jO1NjfiglV
Impact of #Brexit on construction, a sector bigger than car & aerospace combined, is very worrying as profit warnin… https://t.co/Sh3wLMQHCR
. @EdwardJDavey & @joswinson our two leader prospects who exemplify the best in politics. Whilst @Jeremy_Hunt &… https://t.co/Gtw6kW6106
My view earlier today from Lords Pavilion as England squeak past N Zealand. A very welcome respite from #Brexit https://t.co/FzUA6feyvS
. @UKLabour leadership blame anti-Semitism w-blowers for being disloyal to Corbyn who condones attacks on Jews, the… https://t.co/oYptCqhTK3
RT @HKLibdems: Another outstanding result for @YandHLibDems - congratulations to all the team in Bridlington North! #LibDemSurge https://t.…
Over 115 senior civil servants the left Dept for Exiting EU last year - an increase of 72% on 18/19. No wonder so m… https://t.co/KWF1JRVlwW
So Brexiteer James Dyson reportedly buys lux penthouse in Singapore, where he relocated his HQ from the UK, for £44… https://t.co/guFzIk1YAK
. @jeremycorbyn should hang his head in shame at the anti-Semitism infecting @UKLabour under his watch, which cause… https://t.co/lzkJHxPHmW
. @UKLabour shift to remain is too little, too late. Truth is @jeremycorbyn is a leaver leader & will only support… https://t.co/FnalY3kvdj
Tory leaders debate revealed vacuum of honesty & truth at the heart of debate on #Brexit. It will be a disaster for… https://t.co/riZGxqHVLg
Boris says costs of no- deal “vanishingly small”. So is his understanding of the issue.
Remain parties working in a united way in Brecon & Radnor by-election. Signpost for the future. Message on the door… https://t.co/z3jhbSjh7g
RT @britainelects: YouGov research commissioned by Britain Elects suggests Boris Johnson might struggle to improve Conservative fortunes in…