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RT @britainelects: Britain would vote 54% Remain if a new referendum was held today: via BE poll tracker https://t.co/YCkdkQJgoP https://…
RT @vincecable: The beginning of the end of Brexit. It's time for a People's Vote. #BrexitVote https://t.co/FETrxm7Q1Q
How can a Prime Minister who loses such a vote by over 200 votes survive? https://t.co/SIFMkXJ6rs
RT @LibDems: The #Brexitvote is our chance to vote down this disastrous deal. We then need to give the final say on Brexit back to the peop…
Anyone who's ever been leafletting knows how irritating low-level letterboxes can be,. Pleased to see Commons getti… https://t.co/eCCgHuVyFP
RT @LibDemPress: .@RichardNewby3 "Tonight’s vote has been an embarrassing setback for Theresa May, and she can expect more of the same tomo…
Lords vote by 321 to 152 against Government’s Brexit deal and to reject a no-deal option. Over to the Commons now.
Onto speech 130 out of 135 in Lords debate on Withdrawal Agreement. Vote now due in about an hour. Gvt miles from getting a majority.
RT @LibDemLords: Currently on CNN @RichardNewby3 discusses the vote on Theresa May’s brexit deal and what comes next. What started with the…
Steve Bray and his colleagues are absolute heroes for their tenacity, determination and good humour. https://t.co/i5jWPcj2kL
There will never be a consensus on Brexit. The best we can hope for is a majority for a way forward - hopefully a… https://t.co/iXVIi4hkQp
And he was also incoherent about how the U.K. might negotiate trade deals whilst remaining in the customs union https://t.co/sQeFSsCOII
RT @PippaCrerar: This is a big moment: Government admitting MPs can stop a no deal. https://t.co/XXlq2pfoxf
Truth is that if Corbyn accepted referendum, there would be a Commons majority for it. Unless the Labour Party asse… https://t.co/M6ShJgKKhP
4000 civil servants taken away from their vital day jobs to plan for fantasy no- deal Brexit. Billions also being w… https://t.co/GJmw4hwDUw
Archbishop of Canterbury now recognises that a referendum on #Brexit may be necessary. He’s right. Archbishop: lea… https://t.co/dtKwJIyOse