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Crucial that Government publish #Brexit legal advice if we are to be clear on consequences of any deal. Typical tha… https://t.co/y7sxnTW0zO
Another #Brexit deadline missed by a govt that is still finding it impossible to square the circle on Northern Irel… https://t.co/OVRmtREpKR
New poll shows majority of leavers now back #peoplesvote. Ironic that both TM and JC are behind the curve of public… https://t.co/5NRrYsvOWu
JC on referendum like an unwilling child being dragged to school. He knows where it's going to end but he'll put u… https://t.co/Jt2jKQocY6
@Andrew_Adonis Yes, and, when we've won it, European Parl election in late June, in time for the Parl sitting on 2 July.
RT @AilsaNewby: As Landesbischof Ralf Meister reminded us @riponcathedral this morning peace requires positive action. Unless we work proac…
Sad to see Labour leadership completely failing to capitalise on Tory divisions because of their own. What will it… https://t.co/VvaZXAaime
Wrong. A second referendum is the way forward and it is supported by the public. https://t.co/uNuffCR82C
This is truly pathetic. With the Tory Party disintegrating it’s not even vaguely true. https://t.co/DEIPjC6tSt
Retail sales flat, house prices flat, car sales flat, growth lowest in Europe. We are supposed to accept all this a… https://t.co/cm8ObfFEam
A brave and principled decision. How many more to follow? https://t.co/BY1qHTbfDY
RT @BBCBreaking: Transport minister Jo Johnson, brother of Boris, quits UK government, calling for public to have fresh say on Brexit https…
Brilliant analysis of the war myths which cloud British thinking. https://t.co/PdqComkyFB
Yet another way in which EU membership critical to our security. The brass neck of JH seeking support from EU today… https://t.co/lYy0KB9r6t
Yet another way in which EU membership critical to our security. The brass neck of JH seeking support from EU today… https://t.co/73gtqGi8RU
JC will do anything rather than discuss #Brexit. He is completely out of step with his party members, unions and co… https://t.co/vOGoFaAUN7
RT @GuardianHeather: Here’s the vid of Dominic Raab talking about his belated realisation of the importance of Dover-Calais link. Brexit: w…
Again TM has to delay Cabinet meeting over #Brexit disunity. Legal advice will show no option but accept hard bord… https://t.co/ejKR9pzMdm
Cabinet still trying to square circle on NI border. Truth is you can’t have a frictionless border and do your own t… https://t.co/RCnjnZ2JKK