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What he means is meltdown in the Tory Party. There is a difference. https://t.co/gU24iKa8tc
All aboard the People’s Coach. Standing room only in Ripon. #PeoplesVoteMarch https://t.co/cYsMD1RXbU
What is Corbyn playing at? His unicorn proposals for a sort of customs union and a sort of single market fail the r… https://t.co/FRffQFvyCY
Latest polling shows growing majority favour #peoplesvote and Remain. Tomorrow's march needs to ram this home. Be there!
In the worst political crisis in living memory there is no leadership, no vision & no humility from Corbyn or May… https://t.co/4rAEH4cdQF
A petulant #Brexit statement from a lame duck PM blaming everyone but herself. I recall Mrs strong & stable saying… https://t.co/0Uj4r2rK4Q
TM statement blames MPs for not falling into line. But it's her inadequecies which have led to this chaos more than any other single thing.
RT @jessicaelgot: Some pretty punchy words from Vince Cable: "Jeremy Corbyn’s kinder, gentler politics was found wanting as he stomped out…
EU will give TM her extension, but for what purpose? Her deal is dead. Putting the question back to the people now… https://t.co/g33envWsZz
Cabinet Government has totally collapsed. PM refuses to express a view at meetings and then gives in to the Brexite… https://t.co/zLW6Albexp
The majority of voters now want to remain. To cave in to this threat of street violence would be a negation of demo… https://t.co/vpRhbeoeL2
Compare NZ PM’s empathy with suffering community after Cchurch tragedy with TM’s lack of compassion after Grenfell.… https://t.co/JaN85R8np3
Speaker of the HofC has only exposed what everyone can see – the double standards displayed by the PM. It’s OK for… https://t.co/Q7ODexBkEG
Corbyn now says to @SophyRidgeSky that he backs a new ref on TM deal or remain. Will he at last put his money wher… https://t.co/2t2Sk3ULir
Dbl standards for TM who says it's OK to re-run her deal past HofC until she gets result she wants but not to ask t… https://t.co/gsd34O1LFs
Support for referendum now 57%, with big majority for remain. Time for Parliament to follow will of the people and… https://t.co/xPpZF3AWJX
After a tumultuous week in Parliament our weekend Spring Conference in York will be the last with VC as leader. He… https://t.co/yqoBUohIat
Terrible news from NZ and shows how intolerance and hatred should have no place in a civilised society
RT @SCrabbPembs: Coming from college green interview bumped into a colleague who declared how mad everything is. Told me how important dela…