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RT @LocalLeadership: Over the last decade we've developed five capabilities which MIGHT be useful to people who are trying to make new and…
Well done team SHDC, strong local talent. Good at what you do now and recognised as good at what you will do in the… https://t.co/eN6JhSosE0
So long as it comes with a driver. It would end um with too many dents if it was self drive! https://t.co/KTtkzILDrD
RT @LGANews: Tougher sprinkler rules must be introduced in high-rise buildings and all new premises where vulnerable people sleep, councils…
RT @Gracie3110: Really pleased to announce a massive rise in women Councillors participating in our LGA flagship Leadership Academy since i…
RT @cllrjackmclean: Out helping Zoe Lane, South Holland District Council Candidate. Orwell Drive seems a fitting place for a state fearing…
RT @ScaleseGlynis: Meeting running mate David Ashby, and making plans. https://t.co/1MGZA6J8hP
It wasn’t sleep walking we told Osbourne that a consequence of breaking the post war consensus of ‘putting the subs… https://t.co/yZQY7zT6Z7
Unfortunately , this one went to e.on It gets to stay there until they give me the hump. If they do though, I will… https://t.co/MVCJAgBn6N
Not overly sure C..p customer service is a matter for parliament, although it is a matter for their shareholders. https://t.co/jAt2rRODaQ
RT @jo_brown_77: @ColinDavie1 @garyporterlga @npowerhq Completely agree! Some of the worst customer service & incompetence I’ve ever exper…
RT @CllrDarby: Couldn’t agree more, left them last summer and it has taken until now to sort final bill, including bombarding me with anony…
RT @ColinDavie1: @garyporterlga @npowerhq Hope you haven’t moved to Scottish Power because they are absolutely hopeless on Customer service.
Are @npowerhq the worst electricity supplier in the country? I have moved from them because of the c..p customer s… https://t.co/HccnhssTxb