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I don’t know why this is so hard, surely most of the plastic c..p we get over hear, comes as the pointless packagin… https://t.co/SYejX81KVA
Magic! Proper shape shifting!! One persons wand is another persons flag pole! https://t.co/LQv3yaW9VJ
RT @SHollandDC: Congratulations to @flowersnthings_, who Cllr @GaryTaylor26 has just presented with the award for best window dressing at S…
Having had the pleasure of listening to this live, I whole heatedly recomend you listen, whatever side of Brexit yo… https://t.co/HaVCDgMzBX
RT @jomillerdonny: @garyporterlga @Solace_UK Thanks Gary , that’s very generous . @Solace_UK members & politicians of every colour - we are…
This is why #scrappingthecap makes so much sense for our country. @theresa_may has secured her place in the housing… https://t.co/rSbfADViek
Really pleased you have had a great last conference, you have done a brilliant job as president of @Solace_UK helpi… https://t.co/k8EYddZ1hq
RT @TraceyHolbeach: I am a strong supporter of intergenerational activities, and delighted that Holbeach Hospital are leading on these in o…
She is a proper class act. Informative and entertaining, will always be very very welcome in Smith Square https://t.co/SKTDwlS0z4
RT @dmontfort: Nokia 3310 gets a shout out at today's Mobile Working in the Public Sector conference @garyporterlga @LGANews https://t.co/t…
RT @MartinSLewis: Just had a cyclist swear horribly at me for having the temerity to be getting in his way, as I crossed the road under the…
RT @marcvlessing: Transport for London partners with Pocket Living to build affordable homes https://t.co/3nSmIO9u3o
I would argue that a none developing RSL should look at transferring their stock to someone who wants to run them p… https://t.co/yCWuK6VNoj
RT @onmybiketoo: BUT all developments regardless of size shld enhance their local communities with good design that does not as a starting…
Again you generalising, I’m not aware of any allocated site for 30 units taking 3 years to get permision, if you ar… https://t.co/k15jO3ZSw0
You are also generalising, that’s the. Nature of this debate. LPAs do big allocations, because that’s what people… https://t.co/O2EMJYIYpH
Faults ( such as they are) occur on both sides of the fence. LPAs should be clear on what is needed to get a yes.… https://t.co/XG3G6JDAxN
Get the company approved for social purpose and get the landlord function approved and then bid for grant., https://t.co/Jw2UJYX3d3
No. Councils can bid into grant, cap of HRA a new RSL would just be a new overhead diverting money from bricks and… https://t.co/yZQjJZuUrD