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If @LibDems win more votes and more seats than @Conservatives and @UKLabour, then it will be the first time that th… https://t.co/x5F0NzrPAo
EU citizens denied vote in European elections to sue UK government https://t.co/ERThQT0hib
I have great admiration for @ByDonkeys! This is a good account. Led by Donkeys show their faces at last: ‘No one k… https://t.co/7ielVdkDuB
RT @EdwardJDavey: Who should choose our country’s future? 124,000 Conservative Party members? Or 47 million voters across Britain? @LibD
Alastair Campbell says he voted for ‘remain party’ in EU elections https://t.co/9GdMRwrJju
Toby James knows what he is talking about. I will be raising all these issues in the @UKHouseofLords @PTylerLords https://t.co/XXDR32B2uP
RT @catherinemep: Read this thread if you are having trouble getting your vote accepted. “clerical errors in processing applications to vot…
More evidence here of people switching to the Lib Dems to stop a disastrous #Brexit https://t.co/ZR6KEQfHL0
RT @MatthewGreen02: Daily Mail columnist & former chief political commentator of The Daily Telegraph, Peter Oborne @OborneTweets confirms h…
@Andrew_Adonis The poll shown is clearly out of date. Will you therefore be withdrawing it and updating your advic… https://t.co/WR3u5pnXtZ
@AndrewCooper__ @LibDems Courageous and much admiration for your decision. Doing the right thing is not easy when… https://t.co/XmnGrAQJXL