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All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.
Where there is fear, it is easy to turn against those we see as “the other” and learn to hate them. Which is why ea… https://t.co/ZGTQFgNqjR
The instinct against which blood sacrifice is a protest – sacrificing life to exorcise fear – still lives on.
Only thus could human beings be gradually cured of the deeply ingrained instinct, deriving from a world of predator… https://t.co/Eh1FEa6LmA
Maimonides was right to see in the blood sacrifice a central idolatrous practice. Nahmanides was equally correct to… https://t.co/QlTke5NCPh
According to @B_Ehrenreich it is the dysfunctional survival of instincts, profoundly necessary in an age of hunter-… https://t.co/Wpa3zFunAK
War is a destructive and self-destructive activity. Why then does it persist?
Here is a thread from my Covenant & Conversation essay on #Tzav called "Destructive and Self-Destructive". You can… https://t.co/FEoA4mNxuP
RT @OrthodoxUnion: Happy Shushan Purim! Here's @rabbisacks on the parsha - family edition! @OUTorah https://t.co/e7fF5i2VlV
RT @JuedischeOnline: Übrigens: #Purim ist das einzige jüdische Fest, das zur Gänze im #Exil spielt. @rabbisacks erlärt, warum G’tt in der E…
May we go out into the world, walking tall as Jews, walking unafraid as Jews, and may we be true to our faith and a… https://t.co/y6ByWoRuaP
When God calls, may each of us have the courage to say to "Hineini, here I am, God, tell me what to do and I will do it."
We can just be a #Jewish woman called #Esther, or a Jewish man called #Mordechai, and yet, somehow or another, our… https://t.co/uLVeGyyVyH
On #Purim, as with every day, we must always ask ourselves, what does #God want of me in this place, at this time?… https://t.co/3RUxH9fsFc
It's almost Purim - the perfect time for a (remarkably similar) conversation (as last year) with comedian… https://t.co/bjli7tagjT
"Destructive & Self-Destructive (Tzav 5779)" Click on the link below to read Rabbi Sacks' Covenant & Conversation… https://t.co/CamL3tIWZa