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My office (sadly without me) will be at #Prizmah2019 to showcase our educational resources & present on the ’Ten Pa… https://t.co/FS0owz1e1J
In an age of broken families, neglected and impoverished children, and worse – the use of children as instruments o… https://t.co/840luzTYZs
The ninth plague was a divine act of communication that said: there is not only physical darkness but also moral da… https://t.co/uEMdjJYjJh
When God told Moses to say to Pharaoh, “My son, My firstborn, Israel,” He was saying: I am the God who cares for Hi… https://t.co/jrJCbBQXa6
…Pharaoh, into an absolute ruler (son of the sun god) with the ability to enslave other human beings – and of a cul… https://t.co/dMSCHkuDmS
The plague of darkness was not a 'mofet' but an 'ot', a sign. The obliteration of the sun signalled that there is a… https://t.co/PmuzweSlIo
Here is a thread from my Covenant & Conversation essay on #Bo called "Against Their Gods". You can read it in full… https://t.co/5KmzBOPzPi
RT @RachelRileyRR: If you want to know more about what antisemitism is, and why it’s so corrosive, I can’t recommend this short video enoug…
"Against their gods (Bo 5779)", the latest Covenant&Conversation article by Rabbi Sacks on the weekly Torah reading… https://t.co/kO8rrAWWlr
How do you sustain a cohesive society in the midst of unprecedented religious and ethnic diversity? How, in an age… https://t.co/xlESPOI12m
RT @YSJEvents: If you've got a curious mind then give our Ebor Lectures a listen! With talks from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, @MCantacuzino & @C…
The Jewish people is compared to the moon because, whereas the sun shines with its own light, the moon shines with… https://t.co/vQGBAeYUSc
RT @JewishNewsUK: .@rabbisacks pays tribute to Brian Kerner, ex-UJIA chair who passed away last week aged 84: "Brian was one of the fines…
You can watch my message to the Z3 Conference (Zionism 3.0) in Palo Alto from 00:41:53 on this video of the opening… https://t.co/TKnMoY72bm
I am delighted to be associated with, and contributing to, the @929English project as it’s International President.… https://t.co/ZAdcqiV8rw