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As #Israel faces yet another attack from Gaza - over 300 rockets & shells fired in the past 5 hours - our thoughts… https://t.co/5jXAimqddH
As #Israel faces yet another attack from Gaza, over 300 rockets & shells fired in the past 5 hours, our thoughts &… https://t.co/ym2E6HPmZx
@thetimes To you from failing hands we throw / The torch; be yours to hold it high. / If ye break faith with us who… https://t.co/phRd2U4fUw
@thetimes John McCrae, a doctor serving with the Canadian Armed Forces in 1915, saw the devastation of war and scri… https://t.co/baiq7VQGYd
@thetimes If we forget how painfully freedom is won, we will lose it. If we take it for granted, it will not surviv… https://t.co/JsPLRnHBoW
@thetimes Freedom, said Moses at the end of his life, needs the active cultivation of memory. “Remember the days of… https://t.co/ELiZJT7kWB
@thetimes The challenges change but the virtues need to stay the same: vision, courage, collective purpose, a willi… https://t.co/FDBjemPQk8
@thetimes There is the fight against preventable disease that daily claims the lives of 30,000 of the world’s child… https://t.co/68QZWoEwDP
@thetimes Today we face new battles, radically different from those in the past. There is the fight against terror… https://t.co/dP6L6y9E5E
@thetimes It is woven out of the gossamer strands of collective memory, learnt at school, embodied in institutions,… https://t.co/FsPnua7Yxl
@thetimes A nation is not merely a place where we happen to be. It is also a narrative of which we are a part. A so… https://t.co/5CWdJq4vwo
@thetimes Thirdly, the ceremony tells us that there can be no identity without a sense of history. To be British, w… https://t.co/k8Iou0AqxV
@thetimes We must make space, by way of public silence, to hear the call across the years of those who died: “When… https://t.co/cwb4c9RdFN
@thetimes Society, said Edmund Burke, is a contract between the dead, the living and those not yet born; and withou… https://t.co/ACu5G3fvh1
@thetimes Secondly, the Remembrance Sunday ceremony reminds us of the debt we owe to those who came before us. It i… https://t.co/UuX5PbGgtS
@thetimes …Forces, religious leaders and, above all, the large contingent of ex-servicemen and women who fought for… https://t.co/XKjJhJSGG1
@thetimes First — and foremost — it is a national event, an act of collective identity and belonging. Gathered arou… https://t.co/15SEpbjeD3
@thetimes Peace and liberty are hard to win, but they are harder still to sustain What is it about the ceremony that makes it so potent?
@thetimes The poppies are reminders of those that grew in the fields of Flanders, where some of the most prolonged… https://t.co/EwK8u41yZf
@thetimes Originally known as Armistice Day, it was instituted to mark the moment when the guns fell silent at the… https://t.co/buLdy1hL1g