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RT @JewishInteract: Amazing new series just launched, voiced over by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks himself!! "Why I am a Jew...." - find out more!…
RT @JewIntUK: You are a link in a chain. Does this mean anything to you? Play this game voiced over by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks himself to…
This week's Covenant & Conversation: Family Edition for parsha #Vayera on "God and Strangers" is now available to r… https://t.co/vLV7kNLIoj
We would love to know more about how people are using (or have used) the "Ten Path to God" curriculum material. Ple… https://t.co/VE0tO4Qwl6
"We need a strong inclusive national identity. We need to become a bigger us.” Here is the full transcript from my… https://t.co/RvVAQ6qc8q
I will be on @BBCr4today at around 07.45 to give the Thought for the Day. Transcript and audio to follow. Hope you can tune in!
that there is something higher than appetite and desire – namely the call that comes to us, as it came to Abraham,… https://t.co/4Sg28aaq8l
When war was the test of manhood, it meant striving for peace. In ages of radical individualism like today, it mean… https://t.co/0AJgnX8LXN
During centuries in which the mass of mankind was sunk in ignorance, it meant honouring education as the key to hum… https://t.co/Cgg3BygCjS
In an era of slavery it meant refusing to accept the status quo in the name of God, but instead challenging it in t… https://t.co/AkAdFQyg7b
In an era of polytheism, it meant seeing the universe as the product of a single creative will – and therefore not… https://t.co/Whgjc0BRo8
To be a child of Abraham is to have the courage to be different, to challenge the idols of the age, whatever the id… https://t.co/BdzgXvnws4
Here is a thread from my Covenant & Conversation essay on #LechLecha. You can read it in full here:… https://t.co/Xa0lIbYtbf
Four Dimensions of the Journey (Lech Lecha 5779) 🌄 - https://t.co/QkwPjr9Vnj
I will be on @BBCr4today to deliver Thought for the Day at around 07.45 tomorrow. Transcript and audio to follow.
RT @Baylor_Press: Have you gotten a chance to read @ChurchTimes' article about "Confronting Religious Violence: A counternarrative" - a wor…
Read this week's essay, "Four Dimensions of the Journey" (Lech Lecha 5779) 🌄 #ShabbatShalom https://t.co/4Gx6sd7j73
RT @intelligence2: Are safe spaces, trigger warnings and no platforming harming young minds? Join the debate with @JonHaidt @kehinde_andr