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Tonight we count Day 36 of the #Omer! "Life lives in the tension between our physical smallness and our spiritual g… https://t.co/JFhyxmALaM
The end result is a freedom that is secure, as opposed to the freedom of the philosophers that is all too often another form of tyranny.
This is the way of evolution, not revolution, gradually educating every member of Israelite society that it is wron… https://t.co/0HAtHiq9F6
It is why we are instructed to ensure that every seventh day, all those who work for us are able to rest and breath… https://t.co/kHve90e9iu
That is why we are commanded to hand on the story of the Exodus to our children every Passover, so that they too ta… https://t.co/78mxFQrrWH
Judaism is about ideals like human freedom that are realised in and through time, by the free decisions of free persons.
For Plato and his heirs, philosophy is about the truth that is timeless. For Hegel and Marx, it is about “historica… https://t.co/RzY6H7hfkT
There are profound differences between philosophy and Judaism, and one lies in their respective understandings of time.
Here is a thread from my Covenant & Conversation essay on #Behar called "Evolution or Revolution?". You can read it… https://t.co/IOxXUGp9zO
RT @BBCNewsnight: "Politicians are too immersed in politics. "The great statespeople have a hinterland." This week, Rabbi Lord Sacks told…
Tonight we count Day 34 of the #Omer! "Never let negative emotions distort your perceptions. To see the world as it… https://t.co/INCmFsXARF
RT @JewishNewsUK: Appearing on the BBC's flagship programme #Newsnight, @rabbisacks discussed politics with presenter Emily @maitlis https:…
RT @richferrer: .@RabbiSacks decries ‘culture of prima donnas’ in UK politics on #Newsnight https://t.co/pFmgwZyJgJ via @JewishNewsUK
Here is a link to my full interview on @BBCNewsnight with @maitlis reflecting on the state of UK politics and the… https://t.co/YyMYqW6Weh
RT @BBCNewsnight: "What can't be solved by the imagination, will be solved by exhaustion... It’s going to be messy and a little bid sordid…
RT @BBCNewsnight: "Politicians are too immersed in politics. "The great statespeople have a hinterland." Former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks sa…
RT @BBCNewsnight: “There is a moral imperative to be flexible with people that will meet you half way. That is how any peace solution works…
RT @BBCNewsnight: "We’ve become a nation of individualists. We’ve forgotten that the team is bigger than the players and the game is bigger…
Tonight we count Day 33 of the #Omer! "When you experience suffering, the question to ask is, “Given this has happe… https://t.co/6K8106JHfv