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Where is that in the Sheffield Labour Book of control? Amazing local people turn up to ask questions and...... https://t.co/1UrM6Jpmio
These reports are damimg and shocking to read. Clear @Welcome2Yorks Board and Senior management let down tax payer… https://t.co/jQVUdZo16e
What on earth was going on. Now we know no proper Governance, Financial Controls or Management. The Board were off… https://t.co/9XnppG9hmz
RT @JayMitchinson: This is perfect. Perfect for showing you what this chap really is. So. Read: Ireland-born captain; New Zealand-born all…
This is how a serious new MEP works both for reform and to get things done https://t.co/DVSg3OzQff https://t.co/GN9RPjjyq5
Here is a Yorkshire and Humber MEP @shaffaqmohd that not only is in support of remaining but is keen to work in the… https://t.co/WOdzSbZp8I
Well the facade of the "cheeky chappie" is beginning to fade. It might be a hoot wearing your Docs and baseball cap… https://t.co/z6DdxGAADc
RT @rawkus_marcus: If you are covering Chinese Deal Collapse this morning @tobyfoster. Council Spent the following with no tangible results…
The best two things about this deal..@iqbal_mazher faces! https://t.co/0EffdVSnZJ
Indeed you did over £200, 000 this "deal " has been a scam from start to finish https://t.co/Bj09ArS9Kh
So why did the Leader of the Council and her Cabinet member continue to foolishly plough on and not tell the public… https://t.co/vjdw23eD04
Sheffield Council have finally admitted what I have been saying for over 2 years . The £1bn Chinese investment dea… https://t.co/0iIlCpFuzs
RT @SAlwadaei: Tour de France & @UCI_cycling Urged Not to “Sportswash” Bahrain’s Human Rights Abuses https://t.co/SJ3R6cI14E @SamWalton @m…
I guess the play list will include Take it all - As you do with your £80K salary NEVER Again - the message from… https://t.co/KihxDSkjhN
Maybe if he gives the date and time his constituents could turn up and actual get some support of their so called M… https://t.co/P3hbCVswMR
So it's not council money. It's tax payers money. Quite clear now Welcome to Yorkshire in it's present form with… https://t.co/1EjgmVxUHO
Paul too ill??? He's been living it up in France watching cycling. I'm not sure if I was too ill to be taking par… https://t.co/wjn4DXaj1C