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RT @HashimLibDem: Tirelessly been canvassing today to make sure we send a Pro EU voice to Brussels. Fantastic group of people! I’ve knocked…
Got this in the post today...so off I've popped to the Polling Station and done as it asked. Doing my bit to Stop B… https://t.co/Dhdv6pXoys
I'm reminding you to go vote today. Polls ooen 7am to 10pm. If you want to say Bollocks to Brexit then go vote… https://t.co/cNBMyQCGL3
Don't stay at home tomorrow. If you want to Stop Brexit go out and make sure your voice is heard by voting @LibDems https://t.co/R0zdwymUi9
@mcashmanCBE Michael the most important thing is you have stuck with your values and principles. That is what stands out...
Children are never too young to be able to explore the world they grow up in and will inherit. He's playing to a ve… https://t.co/6B550Hhgw3
RT @tonycarroll: 9.15 pm and #sheffieldcouncil are ticketing cars on ecclesall road. This is not impressing my guests looking to invest in…
So finally the we have got to this space. The arrogant @ukhomeoffice has had this coming for over two years now.… https://t.co/glyvVcB11j
RT @libertyhq: We're in court today for the first-ever UK legal challenge to police use of #FacialRecognition against the public. This dan…
Local Labour MP has said he has "concerns" about the appropriateness of teaching children aged four and five about… https://t.co/ow8i9pOzUk
RT @LutheBlue: The "lavish salary" has been criticised by Lord @Paulscriven
Paul expertly put as ever. You win in a democracy not by assaulting people with a salted caramel slop! That won't s… https://t.co/WN8aaQI1vi
Back to this 🏃‍♂️ lark. Well that's nearly killed me! https://t.co/eSQzq8t29V
I've been warning the arrogant @ukhomeoffice about this for over two years. Asking for proper debate, laws and reg… https://t.co/cBoYBxl3yU
I'm totally against this "Milkshaking" let's be clear what it is...violence and intimidation towards politicians. I… https://t.co/sD0XPs9UMs
@Andrew_Adonis Oh Andrew Oh Andrew I suggest rather than attacking the party that has consistently fought to stop B… https://t.co/ZYQO0LlKoU
Labour pretending to look both ways over Brexit doesn't wash. Give both thier faces a slap on Thursday by voting… https://t.co/uhxcYy9g7u
RT @shaffaqmohd: The reason why so many @UKLabour voters in Yorkshire & Humber Region are switching to the @LibDems is due to senior natio…
Well that's that....I'm a supporter of leaving Eurovision ..26th place for the UK....it's time we took back control… https://t.co/S3sR1PEoe3
If you also "hope never"when it comes to Brexit the choice is clear @LibDems and @shaffaqmohd https://t.co/gJTBNZlECL