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This shows why @SheffCouncil highways department isn't fit for purpose. This is a death trap for both cyclists and… https://t.co/4Lzb7PleWl
Well put @yorkshirepost . Also in the modern global economy and world you never have full control. It was a lie tha… https://t.co/ICgKExodS2
I've been campaigning against the unregulated use of facial recognition technology for nearly 4 years. So in my own… https://t.co/qDuHw8nlhK
I work s part of a team with you all this is a,joint effort. https://t.co/L7BxJojdjw
Best news all year. But F1 still questions to answer https://t.co/nfsZCyQ6bZ
I have written to the @foreignoffice about this. Awaiting answers off Ministers. https://t.co/ws4oO5GrHd
Wonderful to see the positive way young people are staring to forge Sheffields future identity. Much more needs to… https://t.co/cXxEVoVhOn
After this car crash of an interview I can see why people say to you please leave! https://t.co/DlPmshzuRB
This is what "our" new Prime Minister is prepared to inflict on us. It's time to say #BollockstoBrexit https://t.co/zVKm3qOXRO
This is what happens when brave human rights protesters try and stop totalitarian Bahrain from murdering two innoce… https://t.co/56LF2cSpVH
RT @SamWalton: BREAKING: Police break into Bahraini embassy in London to save dissident. Here is a video of them smashing down the door. M…
Im glad"knob" isn't on the list as I could use it right now! https://t.co/144a3dm6FF
RT @MartinChelt: I asked @BahrainEmbUK today for clemency for Ali AlArab and Ahmed AlMalali, both at imminent risk of execution. Death pena…
RT @MARYAMALKHAWAJA: It's past 3 pm in #Bahrain right now. My father was supposed to call today and he hasn't (he cannot call past 3). This…
Sam I cannot be with you physically but will be with you all in determination and spirit https://t.co/gjnyGX3cD5
I am extremely concerned that the execution of two torture victims Ali AlArab & Ahmed AlMalali in #Bahrain is likel… https://t.co/a9yx8DYUkl