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David Cameron is foolishly boasting in his book about using the Queen in the Scottish independence referendum. It… https://t.co/cavidHmHIJ
Guy Verhofstadt at the Lib Dem conference said:”The world of tomorrow is not a world based on nation states or coun… https://t.co/515gQ9hzcM
We should also remember it was Cameron who promised us that the result of the 2016 referendum would be implemented… https://t.co/QQ2qKjpkdq
When it comes to telling lies we should remember that Cameron spent £9m of taxpayers' money on a pamphlet to every… https://t.co/U7ImWrLXdU
That awful rabble in Parliament who passed a law that commands the PM to go cap in hand to Brussels to beg for an e… https://t.co/LuBDbe6jgY
The ruling that proroguing Parliament was unlawful leads us into treacherous waters. Remainers in their haste to en… https://t.co/s8XdKWcNwq
Grovelling to the EU for an extension is the worst possible outcome of all this Parliamentary childishness. It is t… https://t.co/RhSwie6M0h
Perhaps the worst hypocrisy of all is that these same individuals voted against a General Election, which would hav… https://t.co/Uml8Fk3ePD
Labour MPs, many from leave voting constituencies, also voted for the madness of putting the House of Commons in ch… https://t.co/AaAkR1YRN8
What a dark week for Parliament. 21 Tory MPs voted against their new leader, only recently elected by a massive maj… https://t.co/njEKvlvFe9
The argument that the British people have changed their minds & there should be another expensive & divisive refere… https://t.co/OKMQbYj5TM
The Remainers, whom I consider to be traitors, want our country to be governed from abroad by unelected bureacrats.… https://t.co/bxpU9mKTcf
The real constitutional crisis is created by Remain politicians opposing the will of the people. They've done this… https://t.co/tfFKhOSWgd
The assembly that the Archbishop is advocating would be unelected and would have no more electoral accountability t… https://t.co/Cc9qlSjPwx
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby needs reminding that H M, the Queen is the Supreme Governor of the Churc… https://t.co/vRfMQvyJyC
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby needs reminding that H M, the Queen is the Head of the Church of England… https://t.co/GEu8ZiWwpG
At last, someone talking sense about Brexit. A great pity that it is a Frenchman having to call out the doom monger… https://t.co/cF935Lgxcf
Lib Dem crowing over the by-election is silly. The combined vote of the Tories & Brexit Pty easily surpasses their… https://t.co/SaxuPwZTdL
Holidaymakers suffering from the fall in the pound should blame the unpatriotic Remainers who constantly talk Brita… https://t.co/n4sK2CiWQp
The Remainer fifth columnists will stop at nothing to prevent Brexit, including undermining the UK economy. Anythin… https://t.co/5vcJKWkaJY