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Shame on the BBC - once again no Lib Dem mention on the main News Brexit,Tory Labour Parties get coverage and the L… https://t.co/eBAhnBLEaz
Debate in the Lords on delivering equality of opportunities for Young People disgracefully only two Conservatives… https://t.co/z5Jp7naWur
Baroness Grender leads debate on Young People in the Lords and outlines 5 point charter to provide real opportunities
@Andrew_Adonis But Labour are committed to leaving the EU aren’t they?
Newsnight finished and not even the name Lib Dem mentioned on the entire programme yet we are 18 percent in the lat… https://t.co/gAZ6QtsQgX
OMG the first time I agree with Peter Hitchens when he says on Newsnight that the Broadcasting rules prop up the two major parties
BBC 10 o’clock News piece on the Euro Elections - Brexit Party - Tories- Labour- Greens all mentioned but not Lib D… https://t.co/LpbpnofAYC
@Andrew_Adonis Remain but your Party is committed to leave - the Lib Dem’s are 100 per cent for remaining Aren’t yo… https://t.co/32L2xqZHTT
UK ranked at 40th in Global Press Freedoms- Germany placed 15th!!
Debate in the Lords on Adopted Children hears how children adopted from abroad are treated differently in the schoo… https://t.co/kaBHnEfMbK
Chairing a Westminster Forum on RSE and Josh Bradlow from Stonewall says RSE an amazing step forward
RT @caronmlindsay: .@cajardineMP writes a personal and moving account of the impact of her late husband's bipolar disorder for #MentalHealt
Honestly I think I have a better chance of being Tory leader at the end of the month than Theresa May
I think Labour at this point wants Brexit even more than they wanted the Iraq War.
At this point I think Corbyn would rather name Tony Blair his chancellor than actually do anything to stop Brexit
The NHS is going to get an extra £350 million pounds a week before Labour actually tries to stop Brexit at this rate
Sky News cover Lib Dem Manifesto launch but the BBC can’t be bothered
Why no coverage on the BBC News of the Lib Dem Euro Election Manifesto launch yet again the BBC guilty of a lack of fairness and balance
This is simply beautiful, it's art. I'm almost at a loss for words. A masterstroke of absurdism from Jeremy Corbyn. https://t.co/0OyxxsLdMK