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Lord Sugar

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I am looking for new candidates for next year’s apprentice apply https://t.co/HRImQc6dzE https://t.co/qxgkME3BGV
Maybe but the end result of addiction to either is a very sick person https://t.co/aqrxE5lIxi
As I said you were not around the negotiation table and as such you have no idea of the lack of cooperation from th… https://t.co/zJbmrJa1YL
I guess it could . same way as being addicted to alcohol or cigarettes https://t.co/Q2oGFW2IxY
I think you should have tried to negotiate it. Obviously you are expert on the subject and you were privy round th… https://t.co/SIDChmKo9U
Shut up you know what I mean. Stop causing trouble that does not exist . https://t.co/o4P0BgG36x
Hey brain dead how do you negotiate with people who have nothing to gain and keep saying no. You make me sick peop… https://t.co/gZMCSATF6D
RT @dreamspaceuk: @Lord_Sugar @jeremycorbyn Well said Lord Sugar. Sadly, using the PM as a scapegoat for the failure of ‘Cameron The Coward…
I am looking for new candidates for next year’s apprentice apply https://t.co/HRImQc6dzE https://t.co/52srpogcAv
RT @RobbieGibb: Jeremy Corbyn admits he is opposing the Brexit deal without even reading it. He’s putting his own party interests ahead of…
Sorry but that statement is beyond my comprehension https://t.co/lGE577GPGf
RT @TropicSkincare: In search of a natural glow as the colder weather sets in? Look no further than our Sun Drops Gradual Tanning Facial Se…
RT @bbcapprentice: Make sure you've given us a cheeky follow on our brand new Instagram account 🤪#TheApprentice https://t.co/GNugUSUn5Z
Piersy you were not round the nego table. Like every other loud mouth journo you have no clue what was discussed ye… https://t.co/Iigt6bTaPj
I get nothing you tosser. You are an ignorant pr... who does not understand the function of the Lords. Idiots like… https://t.co/Qm2nhDZ9Eg
She did not lead us into Brexit fiasco. Cameron offered the public the choice the public said yes.He pis... off and… https://t.co/WkM0Yz0ofm