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RT @GenesisTrustUK: Our "Ask Robert - Live" webinar is a unique opportunity in the age of (mis)information and commercial interests: Put yo…
Great to see at the Imperial Oscar awards today how societal involvement is increasingly celebrated at #Imperialcollege well done everybody
Just finished @gcsesciencelive for this season. This pm 2200 students packed in Apollo Theatre heard 5 scientists… https://t.co/7GsIZtmc1H
Just been back to #Featherstone High School in Southall. What impressive students asking outstanding questions so… https://t.co/u3lFp9fnX3
Sorry misprint. Should read ‘what’s most respected Roy Hattersley’. So important that a really influentual figure… https://t.co/gTFZWlvnWO
Read whatnots respected Roy Hattersley writes in this week's Observer. https://t.co/vczKxwqpYR it is not us that s… https://t.co/EjnfSZo26B
@LabourRoyall Yes - this is extremely bad news. I really am uncertain how I can remain when people like this are w… https://t.co/vjzzDsmldZ
RT @ProfRWinston: @Alicegast And so kind and modest and ready to listen too
I agree with much of that but be fair. Respect Aisleyne1 who was not set up she’s an intelligent woman but like so… https://t.co/PEsMtSg2if
Thank you. I made a very weak joke at the end of two long prerecorded slightly edited interviews -incidentally… https://t.co/f01ahv452J
RT @dkbooks: Next year we’re publishing a children's book of #science questions answered by @ProfRWinston & we’re in the process of collect…
research breakthrough at @GenesisTrustUK & David Macintyre's work preventing Premature birth also important for… https://t.co/J84uwNFnYd
nice; good news for a change @GenesisTrustUK David MacIntyre's work preventing premature birth which kills & damag… https://t.co/ISGnFwxULH
Dear Simon. So pleased to see your election to the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences @sbaroncohen. Ve… https://t.co/yR6v2GjEjH
What a great theatre @ChemlsTheatres pleasure to be here tonight talking about how to improve learning
If an armed policeman won’t go into a school during a massacre what is the point of arming the teachers? #DonaldTrump
Whatever I’m contrite - I’ve deleted the tweets but still rather feel that invasion of privacy can be a two way inv… https://t.co/UZNsYofSFN
May be you are right Jenny but she is in a public place and we can hear every word of one side of what seems an ent… https://t.co/yDjOD55OH6