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Good to see Tory MPs rightly angry at the perniciously violent rhetoric directed against their own PM. Although whe… https://t.co/9nO7VLcrtT
To anyone who follows @Stan_And_Ollie: I have a spare ticket to the London Film Festival premiere of "Stan & Ollie"… https://t.co/mgF83nqYRr
RT @StewartWood: 1. It strikes me there’s a fascinating mini-paradox in the current fraught domestic politics surrounding Brexit, one that…
RT @rosenbaum6: On tomorrow's Week in Westminster, 11am Radio4, @nick_clegg tells @GeorgeWParker why he's working for Facebook, and @bernar
Looking forward to this proposal being slapped on Zuckerberg’s desk by Nick Clegg on Day 1 of his new job at Facebo… https://t.co/LipnWOgu76
Toyota's Chairman sounds the alarm bell on behalf of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Assoc: "If no withdrawal ag… https://t.co/EAwwlb2Phg
RT @StrategicBond: The entire BB rated bond market (includes EM, DM, sovereigns and corps) = $1.27 trillion in size. Italian government bon…
And in case you think Brexit will only hurt the UK economy, worth remembering that on the day of the Brexit referen… https://t.co/p55dqh6pS9
The biggest story to come out of the European Council Meeting this week: the EU has told Italy to shove its budget… https://t.co/72hd7UfMEh
A couple of slices of the brilliance of Anthea Bell, one of the co-translators of the Asterix books, who sadly died… https://t.co/6ZJWBwhaOC
9. So the more Labour MPs come out to say they are prepared to rescue Theresa May’s deal, the more precarious her p… https://t.co/gm8vazAFzE
8. If Tory Brexiteer MPs start to believe that the PM’s deal may actually get through because enough Labour MPs wil… https://t.co/pqIcSufabF
7. Here comes the mini-paradox. If keeping Theresa May in office but unable to get anything through Parliament is t… https://t.co/vDZfuKhj8x
6. Though not risk-free, keeping Theresa May in place & making sure the Commons rejects her Deal is a far surer way… https://t.co/dHInYKrXaG
5. Given that default all the ERG has to do to get a Hard Brexit is stop Parliament deciding anything. The best way… https://t.co/t160qnPFP6
4. I suspect Brexiteers don’t challenge the PM because they think they don’t need to. Art 50 means we will leave th… https://t.co/Oc3v8Ib8Rc
3. So why don’t Brexiteer Tory MPs move to depose the PM? Combined with other malcontents they probably have the nu… https://t.co/spGsnv4PvX
2. Imagine you are a Brexiteer Tory MP. You’re spitting blood about Theresa May’s negotiating tactics (raising the… https://t.co/QOqtEUz8JD
1. It strikes me there’s a fascinating mini-paradox in the current fraught domestic politics surrounding Brexit, on… https://t.co/tA0w1EswIy