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Juncker: "No no Prime Minister, I said "fabulous", not "nebulous"..." https://t.co/twwbAJD2Nx
My brother tells me it was an extraordinary farewell show for British legends The Pretty Things last night. Three s… https://t.co/Qaf0B1Hlxn
Brexit politics summarised: - Theresa May to Tories: “We have a deal. It can’t be renegotiated” - Tories to Theres… https://t.co/wVn4cTCHW3
"Linden Arden Stole The Highlights" by Van Morrison. Hits me every time, like a late night whisky when you're lying… https://t.co/GrM9er8Qy4
The consistent EU-27 line of "clarification not renegotiation" is actually worse for Theresa May than silence. It c… https://t.co/wrDVE0rPZi
A long long way to go to end the carnage in #Yemen, but this is wonderful news from the @UN talks in Stockholm. And… https://t.co/5NYYN4xFP3
Once again, markets reward Euro-area governments who cave in to European Commission pressure not to do what they pr… https://t.co/xjmnqPDCes
Brexit Minister, Stephen Barclay on @BBCr4today: "The only deal that will command the confidence of Parliament is t… https://t.co/Rc5kLYCDel
The two colours of danger for Theresa May are grey & orange: Grey: will the Cabinet grey suits come together (a l… https://t.co/hzyc0qkB75
RT @Sofa_sound: On today of all days a letter arrived from HMRC explaining that in the event of no deal then importing/exporting (cds, for…
Who would have thought that Winston Churchill's grandson would become the Hashtag King of Twitter? Magnificent. https://t.co/lk4JZc3fEO
The ERG: "If Theresa May pushes ahead with her deal, which our Confidence & Supply partner rightly cannot support,… https://t.co/BlQBg65SMx
As in 1990, the side that has lost the Tory leadership ballot have come out within minutes to say the result means… https://t.co/7AVlpqo32i
"I promise to be a lame duck PM. Now please vote for me". I'll be honest, I've heard stronger pitches for votes. https://t.co/FGlgeRDY4U
Moat fascinating of all today's events will be how the ERG reacts to the PM winning a confidence vote, & thus bein… https://t.co/pyZJw5YVg8
RT @adam_tooze: When checks for money laundering were introduced applications for Britain’s Tier 1 investor visas plummeted. https://t.co/x…
Today is a day when two cardinal rules of politics clash head-on. Rule 1: You have to be able to count Rule 2: To… https://t.co/nXeQjDd16s
Keep your eyes on the DUP's smoke signals today. If moderate Tory MPs start to believe the DUP will only carry on p… https://t.co/hithXuYExd
Echoing Neville Chamberlain he'll say "In my hand I have 48 pieces of paper...." https://t.co/tQFw66t76N