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RT @Digbylj: Please explain to me Jezza, or McDonnell, why you encourage people to hate. Hate America; hate the Tories; hate business; hate…
Getting slightly cheesed off with Anna Soubry - likes to publicise herself and play hardball but doesn’t like the b… https://t.co/MPVclrghMg
What a shame that tradition is being chucked out to satisfy political correctness. It should be about ability not g… https://t.co/hJsAXzR0dj
Juncker with every statement convinces me I was right to vote Brexit. He hates U.K. And obstructs. Why can't we just leave?
RT @IanShaw56: Early morning walk with Fern to see first light on the Langdale Pikes #LakeDistrict @FenwayLabradors @lordshrewsbury https:/…
The more intransigent EU becomes the more I know I was right to support Leave. Remain trolls will now target me but I don't give a damn .
Emily Thornberry on BBC Question Time - arrogance and ignorance ?
RT @Silva: Exhausted firefighters at #GlenfellTower. What absolute heroes - just imagine how much worse things would be without them. #lond
RT @sevenbarrows: Saddened to hear of Katarino's passing. A smashing horse who enjoyed the best in life and was a privilege to train. What…
RT @uptonviva: Just lost Katarino, a great friend.Bought in 1998, won Triumph Hurdle and Punchestown Grade 1, a Listed chase plus 2 Aintree…
Viscount Long passed away. Great man & superb figure in Parliament. A thoroughly decent & good man and a good pal to so many. RIP
My dear wife has come home from Derby Royal Hospital. They saved her life. Thank you NHS - you're simply brilliant 🙏😍
Sick & tired of Labour saying the NHS is in bad nick. My wife who has been desperately ill treated by NHS - simply superb.well done NHS.
How completely disgusting of Corbyn to try to make political capital out of a terrorist disaster by blaming the Conservatives
The Nations Safety - can you imagine what would happen under Ms Abbott ? #dangerous#disastrous#voteconservativeforsafety
Wife in Royal Derby Hospital with life threat problems. Recovering. Superb hospital, superb Staff, so very grateful #dontknockNHS
My wife is very ill in Derby Hospital. Superb care God Bless NHS.thanks to ALL staff in SAU. U r the best.